How to Order

Do not hesitate to contact me at any point in this process if you have questions or concerns

Step 1

E-mail a picture to  . When e-mailing a picture keep the original size, do not reduce the size or quality of the picture. Pictures should be no smaller than 4″x6″ or 1000KB.  The best lamps are made with close up pictures of the subject, but, I can crop, fix, photoshop and add text to the picture to help get the best results.

To get the best quality picture, please follow these instructions
Right click on the picture
when you hold your mouse over “send to” a side window will open
Left click on “Mail recipient”
and new window will open… this is the important one
click the drop down box beside “picture size” and pick “original size”
click “attach”
Now your normal e-mail window will open and you can fill in my e-mail address etc.
Click send (the email will close)
It is important to note that the e-mail may not neccessarliy be sent – you will need to make sure your email program has done a “send and receive” after you have done the above process.
If you have any questions about this process please call me and I can help you with this process.

Please include your address so I can send you the cost of shippping.

Step 2

Payment can be made through Paypal each lamp is $80.00

Step 3

Once payment is confirmed, I will the cut the lamp, mail it out to you and send a tracking number from the Post Office.