The Lamps:

Your pictures are carved into a 4″ PVC pipe with a base and collar made from black walnut. The lamps measure 4 11/16″ diameter and 7 1/8″ high. They are illuminated by an energy efficient 7 watt Compact Florecent Bulb, rated for 10,000 hours of use. A 6 foot, 120v cord and switch are attached, so the lamp is ready for hours of enjoyment when you receive it.


Each lamp costs $80 plus shipping.



I am a woodworking hobbiest, who, with a friends help, built a CNC router in 2004. I have made alot of wonderful projects with this machine including carving pictures on flat material. I wanted to see if this could be done on a round surface. So in the winter of 2011, I finally built the 4th axis for the CNC. This allows the part you are carving to be rotated. It took several months to perfect the technique of carving pictures into the pipe, but as you can see for yourself, the end result was well worth the effort.